To redirect the output of a T-SQL command to a new file, or append to the file if it already exists:. Provides clients with failover property. To call an editor on the current query buffer, enter its name as the first word on a line. In an isql session, isql recognizes:? Activate a role for the current user. This affects commands issued from within isql , not the connection time.

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If a number representing the blob sub-type is passed, then only BLOBs with the specififc sub-type will be displayed.

If you did not use the encryption option, the password appears in plain text in the file. Reads and displays an operating system file.

Connecting To A Database

Starting the SQL interactive interface. Enables the Defaulr flagger. Note Firebird is slash agnostic and automatically converts either type of slash to suit the relevant operating system. Specifies network-based user authentication. You must enclose the entire application name in single quote or double quote characters if it contains any white spaces that do not use the backslash escape character.

You can also type any portion of the text enclosed in brackets, including the iwql option name. The above is displayed when the set command is executed with no parameters, however, in the following descriptions of the various set commands, I will be using the full BLOBdisplay version of the appropriate commands. If n is negative, the n most recent commands appear.


Specifies the name of the Adaptive Server to connect to. Once Firebird has been installed, a file named aliases. A relative path is based on the current directory. Specifies the name of an operating system file to use for input to isql. To invoke the editor, enter its name as the first word of a line in isql. If the user name contains spaces, enclose it in double quotation marks ” “.

Views Page Discussion View source History. This command changes the defaukt statement terminator from a semi-colon to something else as defined in the passed string. If you have scripts that perform routines based on the values of these messages you may need to rewrite them.

Hides your input during an isql session. Also, only commands that are issued interactively in isql are included in the command history. There is a default transaction started for you when defaylt use isql.

The official name of an alternate language to display isql prompts and messages.

Command-line options for starting the SQL interactive interface

The default is on if you do not supply a value. Exit isql with quit or exit. In addition, if both formats are used, the server names must match. A larger timeout can used with the -nosecure option.


To pipe the output of a T-SQL command to an external application from within an isql session:. Prints the version number and copyright message for defaault and then exits. When you write and save the file, you are returned to isql.

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If you need to add your own database options, use the dbisql Interactive SQL utility instead. Prints the version and copyright message of the isql and then exits. Users can use this database to experiment with Firebird.

If you do not indicate a path, isqk history log is saved in the current directory. If the default database charcter set is not NONE, then in situations where the client uses a different character set to the database, it is possible to suffer from data corruption as some character sets cannot convert some characters to a suitable character in another character set.