Post by Theodore Kilgore There is a sequence of init commands Post by Andy Walls The data encoding used by the camera is indicative of that. Post by Theodore Kilgore Interesting. The stream downloads 0x bytes at a time. I do have what seems to be a similar camera. I took a closer look at the lines starting with ff ff ff ff strings, and I found a couple more things.

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Sakar USB Digital Video Camera

Post by Andy Walls I haven’t seen evidence that audio comes from the webcam when it is streaming, but I haven’t looked very much either. Having this webcam work will simply be jeillin “nice to have”. Post by Andy Walls I have no timeline in mind.

Post by Theodore Kilgore Theodore Kilgore. Post by Theodore Kilgore It will be interesting if I can pull up a header like yours. These seem to occur only at the beginnings of some of the downloaded 0xsized blocks. It’s like the thing is glued to her hand. Post by Theodore Kilgore And I am also not sure what I will learn if I do make it work, which is relevant to the somewhat different functionality of streaming.

Post by Theodore Kilgore Post by Andy Walls I haven’t seen evidence that audio comes from the webcam when it is streaming, but I haven’t looked very much either. I did hsb check that yet.


It uses outep 0x01 and inep 0x82 the first pair of endpoints. Surprising to me, but 8 ksps mono is just awful anyway. Somehow, the thought never occurred to me back when I got the thing. Post by Andy Walls I’m booting over to Windows now, to grab some dumps. Post by Andy Walls It is interesting to note that the transfer logic of the the device seems to be oriented around a byte block size – the defacto disk block size.

Post by Andy Walls I’ll try and think about them a little more. Getting the camera away from my daughter for more than 2 minutes.

Post by Andy Walls 1. Your camera is emitting JPEG while streaming. But do send the log along anyway if you can get it done. Post by Andy Walls There are probably all sorts of header permutations that will yield viewable but suboptimal reconstruction.

I just jelin in creating an image which resembles your test picture by extracting the frame data for one frame, tacking on a header, and running hex2bin on the combined file. Andy Walls The byte previous to that one reading downwards 0f 1b 1c 1b 1b However, jeioin I suggest going forward for testing at least, that when one starts the webcam streaming, the driver emit the stream in the form of an AVI.


Post by Andy Walls Post by Theodore Kilgore Now, having found an excuse not to finish grading those papers today, I will probably have to pay more concentrated attention to grading and travel planning tomorrow.

Jsilin by Theodore Kilgore C: But I got something out which is obviously recognizable. Regards, Andy Bus Device So perhaps some of the pixie dust has rubbed off on us. Post by Theodore Kilgore There is a closing sequence at the end which is similar to the init sequence Perhaps you have better guesses than I do.

JL2007C Low Cost 3M Pixel DSC Controller

Then usv it’s a cheap webcam, so by definition any image is probably suboptimal. So if we start from the frame labeled “06” then from there on the frames are approximately the same size, but not identical. Post by Theodore Kilgore Post by Andy Walls In retrospect, I should have used the 6×7 or 6×9 flash card, so the answer would have been Post by Theodore Kilgore Besides, as we well know, this list is a place where geniuses hang out.