The machine are not running. The actual printing takes the same amount of time it always has. I have a KM magicolor Hello all, I have a minolta DL laser printer. I have upgraded to the latest printer firmware TNA. Hi Rob, We had huge problems with any kind of card in our magicolor 24xx and 25xx printers – exactly the same as you’re describing.

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Konica Minolta FIERY PI-6500 X3 Server Controller: DI-551/DI-650/7155/7165/DL650

Our W has started producing a black mark half way down the left hand side of prints. Thanks all for your help I have removed the cyan cartridge which is “in the removal position” vvista seen that where it was, on the right hand wall, there is a thing I could call a latch, which seems to have a spring at its far end.

After applying the pressure or hitting with a mallet load with paper, turn on and see what happens. Is there anyway around this? I’ve only just discovered this site; I hope someone can help me out.

Keep getting error of jam in tray one. Looking down into the printer you will see the laser scanner window facing straing up. How do I change the drum on my Konica Minolta I’m tired of this!

I’m only at 1. I have w konicca I am ready to chuck out the window. Hi Tex99, Thanks for that – only a week ago I found the phone number of one of the Service Engineers who fixed a faulty printer under guarantee a year or so ago.



Konica dl ip address default || ~konica ~

Just got my duplexer working, thanks to the guys at Konica support. Maybe not important, but maybe good to know. The waste toner is replaced by a technician, it is inside the machine – sailerman. The printer is less than a year old and has not had a hard life. Also be sure the pick off mirror is clean. I am printing off of Adobe InDesign CS3 and when it prints it is not exactly in the center, it is more towards the top of the page.

The other side of the page is fine and looks perfect. Hi, I have a koniac color pageworks printer.

I have emptied konicaa waste toner as described by Tex there was heaps in there … thanks Tex!!! Please read the previous posts, your manual and FAQ’s of Konica webiste. If you are in great luck, maybe yours is just waiting for a sheet of paper? Is there any reason why the stnadard toners and not the HI Cap toners would work ina o printer.

Lots of folks seem to have the problem with the media jam transfer roller error but I cannot find anywhere that anyone answered if there is a fix. I know this might be better suited for a Mac forum, but our Macs print to all other printers, except for the Konica.


MarkNet e Fast Ethernet – 1 port — parallel. Stutus shows that Blank INK is empty. 77155 prints would be normal.

Before this sometimes when printing in color, part of the page would vsita in color and the rest would be in black and white. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Minolta tech support said ghosting is always a drum issue and sold him a new drum unit. I have a DL that now refuses to pick up paper from the standard tray unless I “assist” by pushing each sheet in when the printer needs one.

Konica 7155 Konica 7165 Konica IP-511 Drivers Download

Hi Rob, We had huge problems with any kind of card in our magicolor 24xx and 25xx printers – exactly the same as you’re describing. I can’t seem to find out where I can go to find out how much ink is left in my cartridges.

It got out of alighnment – reboot it turn it off and on and it should go away – Anonymous.