Of course you can’t do this with just any drive, media or software. Once you’ve created your LightScribe label, you’re ready to print it. I should point out that OverSpeed does have some limitations. For these tests I am using the US version of Transformers: So what are “good” results supposed to look like? If black isn’t your color, you’re in luck.

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You’re also going to get different results for single and dual layer discs. The same files are copied and pasted in Windows Explorer and timed. System Requirements OS Required. Reasons for your score: While it had the lowest number lh20a1 errors, the scratches on the disc caused it to slow down considerably.

Redesigned to maximize ease-of-use, Nero Express gives users the ability to quickly and easily burn audio, data and video to CD or DVD. The score given is an average of the three. Once you’ve created your LightScribe label, you’re ready to print it. CD Speed is used to give an overall DAE speed rating and CD DAE is used to give the track by track extraction speeds and to check the extracted tracks for errors the drive may have created.

For DVD writers the performance tests are broken down into four sections: This means that the drive’s region is stored in the firmware. By ltie-on at the screenshot below, you can see that the drive’s transfer speeds peaked at lite-oh 12x.


Lite On Dvdrw Lh 20a1h Ata Device Driver Download

These slideshows can then be burned to disc or published to the web. For example, if your disc was normally supported at only 8x, the LHA1H would now give you the option to write to it at 12x.

While a little short on words, there are plenty of diagrams showing what to do. When it came to writing CD’s, Lite-On’s new drive gave us some mixed results.

Lite-On’s new drive was also fairly quick when reading dual layer discs. The drive starts writing at 16x and jumps to 24x at about the 13 minute mark. Companies like Lite-On continue to push the limits of the format, introducing drives with new features and faster DVD writing speeds. To do this, OverSpeed relies heavily on SmartWrite. To check the media compatibility of the LHA1H, I ran a few tests using some of the media available in my area.

However, when scanned by the DW, the PI rates were a bit higher than we’d like to see. In the end, it usually comes down to price. The look of Lite-On’s drives really hasn’t changed much over the last few years. Storage by Rick Broida Sep 13, We delete evdrw that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.


In both cases, the quality has been set to “best”. Get a 4-terabyte USB 3.

For these tests I am using the US version of Transformers: On top of that, it was able to rip audio CD’s at an impressive 48x. This is a very rough, but good way to test the drive’s error correcting abilities. Take note that the settings are all linked together so when you set the book dvdrrw for one media type, it is applied to all. While it didn’t have the fastest quick erase time out of the four drives here, it was able to do a full erase in a respectable 3: The LHA1H gave some mixed results in this test.

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Lite-On’s new drive did fairly well in our CD writing tests. The Movie on DVD.

Thanks to its 8x writing speed, the drive only took