Contact details Terms of use Privacy policy Topics sitemap. Fujitsu Siemens M Above view of keyboard view larger image. Yes, my password is: On startup it seems to be starting correctly, and then the “blue screen of death” comes up, displaying the following message. Or, take a look at this link:

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I plan to buy an additional 1GB. Is there any way I can make a generic XP recovery disk? Maybe this solves your problem too. No hard drives show although there are two installed. Ethernet, phone and Firewire ports are present, and scattered around.

So for now i was forced to install new OS on my second one and now waiting for an external cover to test the disk but I’m also thinking about buying a new bigger hard drive as a replacement and i have seen that somebody was lucky enought to put GB and it’s working surprisingly My solution is here that may help I would be suprised if two hard drives failed simultaneously though.

How do you have 2 hard drives hooked up?

Having a RAID controller is a rather strange decision on a laptop though, you see that in servers usually. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Try to stick to only one forum as to reduce confusion not only for us, but yourself as well. Fujitsu Siemens laptop aaaagh. Fujitsu Siemens laptop aaaagh Studiot, sorry for the lack of clarity.

An external USB drive might show up in the list of possible boot devices tho’ I don’t know if the notebooks are the same but it seems like they are.

The laptop is relatively quiet, with only one fan.

Laptop Hard Drives

I’m assuming that this means there is a driver that is not present on the XP CD that is required to run the hard disks. Finally, there is a 4-in-1 card built-in card reader on the right side. Or, visit this link: Several of our M3438y users reported them to work well.

I’ve tried my Windows XP disc, but now I get a message saying “setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer. If a mod would like to merge the threads together I’d be grateful.

I can’t get the machine to boot into safe mode, and even trying to install the windows comes up with the same problem. I’ve tried fixboot and it doesn’t seem to have done the trick. It has never frozen up, crashed or any such thing due to excessive heat generated when satq demanding games. To quit setup, press F3″ When I press F3 the machine reboots.


Mm3438g will have the covers off again and see if I can find what the hard disks are, and then see if I can download some kind of recovery utility from there. If your XP CD setup cant find the hard drive is it faulty. Contact details Terms of use Privacy policy Topics sitemap.


The error m3438f you’re getting from setup means that setup is not seeing the hard drive. Many thanks Confused of England confused confused Scoobs. I’ve tried safe mode, safe mode with command prompt and restoring but nothing seems to work. Make sure that the hard drive is recognized and enabled correctly in the BIOS.

Fujitsu Siemens comp, aaaaagh!