Hiya Carlos Nope, same thing happened. Some lines of this configuration are suposing you live in USA. You should try this: It would be very helpfull if you could provide us with a step by step log of the procedure you did to compile and install the driver. Sepero, I tried your suggestions, but when I try to dial, same output “Modem not responding”. Or do you need to issue any command before you can use it? All the files in the folder were single executables binaries.

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I just can’t find the time to do this. No such file or directory root john-desktop: Modem port was autodetected and I was able to activate the connection.

HowTo: Intel EP Chipset MODEM driver install on Ubuntu Dapper. [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

It mentioned it in the terminal and I read through the docs and files and I found it out. Then I extract drivers manually. By the way, I recommend to anyone trying to get their modems to work under mdd3200 to get to http: This is with ver. No such file or directory version. S1 S2 S3 Sorry, no modem was detected!


Do you have any other ideas? I even saved the whole how-to on my computer so I could follow it step by step. But yeah, any other VoIP than Mumble can be unstable, I’m not saying that Mumble is gonna be stable, I have no idea, but yeah, Mumble sends the least packages of all what I know of, I could be wrong.

Intel MD3200 intel 537 Modem Driver

Now, we will need root privileges so: I post this one and reboot, and check your reply. My ep driver is just over 1MB. Thanks a lot for the info.

I currently do not yet have the time though. The principal sources of info for this little guide are: I used the wvdial.

Intel Intel Data Fax v (md) driver Modems software versions

So I am wondering is this possible or not? I downloaded every package you put a link to and to keep it precise I copied every command into the terminal from the how-to.

I’m a intdl novice to Linux – this is my first post. Thanks for all your time John.


I mainly use gnome-ppp for conection and have little experience with pon. I will post my pasted terminal input here. I apologise for not posting sooner. There is no support under 2. Do you think this file works also for ??

Think that all steps went ok, no errors that i notice and when i tipe sudo pppconfig i get this 4 options new connection, delete connection, edit conn.

Please read the FAQ at http: What is the problem? First you need to get some files so, in a terminal type: Do you think if I loaded the Dapper the drivers might work.

I’m not currently able to be very inyel on the project, but when the next release comes out, I will definitely include it.

I am replying now because I wont be able to mmd3200 it maybe until tomorrow.