It was wall mounted, looked very expensive, and yet was fully unlocked so we could use Windows 8. I’m past the glitz of the 3D craze. PC specs needed aside, the screen itself is downright gorgeous. Those devices flopped because the software was immature and the experience was disjointed, but if Microsoft can find a way to load the necessary hardware right into the TV sets themselves, these could be the bona-fide living room sets we have been wishing for all along. Another reason I don’t see this kind of tech as being that crazy is because we have already had market attempts at full blown computers in the living room, namely via Windows Media Center PCs in the mid s. Education seems to be a natural fit for this kind of device. No purchase links, no Amazon references, nada.

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So for example, I could use the display to blow up a large map of Park Ridge, IL where my company resides. One of the coolest demos we tried on the screen was an app I forgot the name of, but it was focused on the education sector quite clearly.

Could have very well been an oddity limited to OneNote. Productivity Microsoft’s Notes and Tasks strategy explained. Mozilla Labs is back! Yet when I got to try out an 82″ Perceptive Pixel touch TV at Microsoft’s Chicago offices earlier today, I couldn’t resist wanting one for my own condo or even office.


Plus, Microsoft already has a inch multitouch display, now called PixelSense. Facebook Twitter Instagram Gplus Youtube.

Microsoft finalizes Perceptive Pixel purchase | ZDNet

What makes Microsoft tick? This robust display is sized to give you the flexibility to deploy it in a variety of settings from solo projects to crucial presentations to group brainstorming percepyive. My Profile Log Out. Here’s what that meant for the company in and how it could shape Redmond in Perhaps people will call nicrosoft crazy for thinking such technology will end up in our living rooms at an affordable price one day.

Otherwise, you’re talking about glare hell. Most consumer level devices like my Thinkpad convertible or desktop touchscreen all-in-ones max out at just a few touch points, which theoretically limits you to a single person’s two handed input.

Microsoft Windows 8 Ship Date, Perceptive Pixel Acquisition

The user is able to zoom out from a full tree view, all the way down to the bacteria that sit on the tree’s leaves. But is it really that impractical to believe? Microsoft’s emergency Internet Explorer patch renders some Lenovo laptops unbootable 41 Comments.

But my curious side just couldn’t hold back with a monstrous 82″ display hanging on the wall, clearly running Windows 8. It’s akin to what you would see done on a TV newscast, but aimed clearly at students learning science in a classroom setting.

Seeing that big hungry frog respond to my actions was much more thrilling on 82″. It was an interactive app that went over numerous aspects of the science behind a tree’s leaves, roots, trunk, and other vitals.


The elements of cybersecurity hygiene and secure networks — Part 2. While interactive TV network markups are an obvious scenario for these sets, I can envision healthcare, education, construction, and conference rooms pixdl just as much.

Microsoft is close to bringing recognition of multiple different voices to Cortana. Canton Elektronik GmbH Co. Microsoft will ship Windows 8 in Octoberthe company has acquired Perceptive Pixel a multi-touch companyand Microsoft will now allow partners to. While there is something to be said for micrsooft capabilities of the Kinect and how it has transformed kinetic input into modern gaming, I fully believe that large format touch also has its place. Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc.

The VAR Guy is gathering more details.

I can see many others preferring to use their fingers to mark up or draw on a Perceptive Pixel screen. Yamaha Commercial Miccrosoft Systems, Inc. Overall I didn’t run into many bugs in the display’s workability; at least not as many as I was expecting to find in such still-experimental technology.

Windows will percsptive Windows will be Windows — no matter what form factor we choose to consume it upon. Perhaps it doesn’t exist in the software yet.