The above sets scsi-options for target 1 to 0x Indicates the number of seconds to wait between spinups of devices attached to an adapter. Select this item and press Enter to view and modify device properties. It has a cursor for item selection, horizontal scrolling, and vertical scrolling. A second data phase hang was detected for this target.

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Here is an example: Despite it seems that no real upstream development exists for this tool, it works fine and is reliable. Here is an example of the Global Properties Menu: Driver did not attach mptt device; SCSI devices are inaccessible.

Scssi option allows you to enable an adapter to join a cluster of adapters without doing any SCSI bus resets. It specifies the sequence in which adapters will boot when more than one LSI Logic adapter is in a system. All, None, or Supported. The device was configured with an interrupt level that cannot be used with this mtp driver.

Specifies the maximum data width in bits. The default value is 2 seconds with choices between 1 and 10 seconds.


The Boot Adapter List option shows the adapter boot order. The mpt driver supports the following parallel SCSI options: If, while using it, you somehow disable all of your controllers, pressing Ctrl-A or Ctrl-E on version 4. This Document Entire Library. A second data transfer hang was detected for this target.


FreeBSD Manual Pages

The untagged-qing capability is always enabled and its value cannot be modified. All other targets on the SCSI bus are set to 0x3f8 with the exception of one specific disk type for which scsi-options is set to 0x Press Svsi to abort or exit from this utility. The horizontal and vertical scroll bars appear here. It will log a ligne to syslog when something failed and will send you a mail.

The default value of mpt-on-bus-time is 15 seconds. Boot Information Display Mode.


Device range 0x00 – 0x1F, decimal. Until arrays are healthy again a reminder will be sent each 2 hours. Specifies the maximum synchronous data transfer rate in megabytes per second. The following capabilities can be mpg and modified by the target driver: Indicates the relative boot order of an adapter.


These capabilities can only have binary values 0 or 1.

The user accesses specific information using the options available in the footer area as described below. Use this function key to obtain context-sensitive help for the cursor-resident area.

Others looks like being real driver but we acsi used them yet. This is a requirement for Microsoft Cluster Server. We experienced several disks failure on MPT SAS controllers and mpt-status always reported the failure and status changes.

SCSI BIOS Configuration Utility

This area provides static general help text information. Indicates the number of seconds to wait between spinups of devices attached to an adapter. You need to make sure SCSI generic device driver is loaded and will be loaded at boot.

All other capabilities are query only.