Love the “colour” switch. Yes, you can go straight to the p. Sign up for a new account in our community. I find the distortion does sound a bit nasty on its own, but it works a lot better in the mix. JPMorin Aug 9,

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I’ve had both, I prefer the MXR, still got it, still use it. Go To Topic Listing Effects. DiMarcoDec 22, But there is something to be said for single-purpose tools.

Bob Gollihurrumpelstiltskin. I’ve got one setup to have an very overdriven tone, another as a big clean boost boosts treble a bit and cuts bass, blends the signal with my eden rig. After reading a few of your thread, it doesn’t really sound like you know what the M or Sansamp is for and I’m not really sure why you’d want it then. Resist the urge to start “gig pic” “bass face” and “family photo” threads.

Do check it out in a shop if you can, but I always say the best way to know a piece of gear is sandamp actually get it and get zansamp live with it, using it in your specific situation. If you want something more versatile, you could also cast your net a bit wider and look into things like a Bass Pod or the Behringer sansanp knockoff which is surprisingly goodor all kinds of stuff these days.


Thank the lawd that Tech21 is releasing in April a new programmable Stomper that has three channels. But the one I tried had always a kind of annoying artifact a couple of millisecond after muting my sound when using the distortion Previous Topic Index Next Topic.

SansAmp Bass Driver DI or MXR M80 DI+

It’s your main sound. Jul 5, Messages: Love the sounds it gives. Add to your Watched Users.

I love the Sansamp myself. Less noise, less resistance in the circuit, less signal-degradation, easier operation, fewer decisions to make, less chance of gremlins or faulty components mucking things up, and most especially less left-brain technical thinking on the way to good sound ChrisKJan 25, Unlike most people though I don’t like the colour button. Plus the switches died on me pretty often, I had to fix them which was a pain in the rear end.

When using rehearsal studios I just DI into the PA with my M80 rather than hump my rig around or use or hire their crappy backline. Search in titles only Search in Bass Guitar only Search. I really like mine, but I didn’t try out a sansamp first, just snagged the M80 cheap used. Not really much for me to add, I really agree with everything said above about the M, great pedal.


Don’t use the sub to sell or advertise your gear with very few exceptions, ask the mods.

Sansamp Tech 21 vs MXR M Bass DI’s : Bass

I’ve done that at practice when I don’t feel like dragging an amp along, although I prefer having a backline for gigs and often don’t even go into the p. Sign up for a new account in our community. I tried the mxr m I haven’t played it, but since price isn’t an issue check out 3 Leaf Audio’s The Enabler.

And of course, the MXR M is the most obvious direct substitute for a sansamp in terms of a rugged, simple, analog stompbox that is pretty clearly a targeted direct competitor to the sansamp.

Its one of those pedals that, once you have it, you don’t want to be in a situation where you don’t have it. JSmithDec 23, JPMorin Aug 9,