Since video decoding is done in dedicated hardware, all supported cards have the same level of performance. Some televisions will show a black-and-white image if you attempt to display video using an unexpected vertical refresh frequency, e. Performance improvements allow dual video stream decoding and Picture-in-Picture mode. The UVD 2 features full bitstream decoding of H. Be sure to take note of that password as you will need it the first time you start the frontend.

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As of driver If the basic TV configuration appears correctly, but the image does not fit exactly on your television set, you may need to adjust the overscan settings.

Closing this task as it’s mythbntu longer developed. The solution described in the releasenotes did not solve my instability problems.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Development of Mir was dropped inthough. If there is nvodia tearing, one more thing you can do Another common problem is the “adaptive clocking” PowerMizer capability of some NVidia cards: Set the newly created MythTV session to be the default.


NVidia Cards

Be aware that in Ubuntu Since video decoding is done in dedicated hardware, all supported cards have the same level of performance. It is possible to do this by running the following commands. See this link mythbhntu you have this Problem. This may be done in various ways depending on your Linux distribution need more distribution-specific information on this item!

Remove this filter if running on 0. Post as a guest Name.

Bug # “After upgrade of Nvidia drivers, mythfrontend” : Bugs : Mythbuntu

When Given a list of sessions, choose Openbox. Additional options, including details on using a PPA or installing the drivers directly from NVidia, are available here. Some distributions come with the NVidia driver in their package management mythbnutu, however mostly this is NOT the current version. For older driver versions or installations mythhbuntu nvidia-xconfig installed, one will have to manually edit their xorg. You might want to consider openbox. Use the open command to open Filesystem: Reboot into run-level 5 the X graphical level and enjoy.

Were there specific security fixes in this newer version you are attempting to keep track of?

When Given a list of sessions, choose MythTV. You should see output summarizing the video devices on the system, including available drivers, as in:.


The chart below only lists native video outputs that may be available depending on the card manufacturer’s feature selection. You may see a recommendation elsewhere to add a ppa to apt to allow the installation of the NVidia driver from an Ubuntu repository.


Link to the newest driver versions: Debian also has packages available to install the driver. The retracer discovered that the core dump was truncated when trying to retrace this crash, from the retracer log file: However, this can cause problems on some hardware so if X starts getting flaky and crashing, set UseEvents back to mytybuntu. Reports on i content are of greatest interest for deinterlacers.

This appears to be a known problem when using interlaced modelines and nVidia’s implementation of the XVideo extension. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Enabling this sometimes causes video stuttering. No idea why this works.